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At Orlando Special Effects we can create fireworks displays, proximate pyrotechnics, movie & TV special effects, flame effects, confetti and streamers, fog , mist and rain effects, mechanical special effects, themed special effects, and more!


Fireworks Displays

FireworksSince 1989, we have been providing awesome fireworks displays of all types and sizes. We have the expertise and resources to safely provide large scale outdoor fireworks displays for your event.

We have produced displays in many different venues and circumstances ranging from barges on the ocean to hotel parking lots, rooftops to pool decks, beaches to pontoons on ponds and lakes, as well as golf courses and sports fields to ships.

Safety is always our primary focus and we meet or exceed the minimum standards in the applicable fire codes.

Corporate events, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, homecomings, birthdays, gender reveals – Any celebration is more festive and exciting with fireworks!

A few of our notable larger fireworks displays are the Fourth of July shows for Ron Jon's Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach as well as for our Service Members stationed at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (NSGB) in Cuba. These are big fireworks shows shot over the water that include up to 12" diameter shells that weigh over 35 lbs. and break across the sky in excess of 2,000 feet. It's AWESOME!!!

We also perform many smaller fireworks displays for homeowner's associations, golf clubs, theme parks, and private parties for the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve.

Budgets begin @ $4,500 for a basic 5-minute display from land within 50 miles of Orlando.

SPECIAL NOTE: We typically have many displays booked for the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve, so do not delay in booking your display. Other popular display dates are the Fridays and Saturdays before and after the Fourth of July.

Our fireworks displays and pyrotechnic performances conform to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1123, Code for Fireworks Displays.

Proximate/Indoor Pyrotechnic Performances

Proximate/Indoor Pyrotechnic PerformancesOrlando Special Effects enjoys producing, designing, and staging Proximate/Indoor Pyrotechnics performances for corporate events, theatrical performances, concerts and sporting events, as well as weddings, graduations and homecomings.

We have provided many spectacular and eye opening moments that use silver fountains, gold sparkles, color comets, flash concussions, and more that can be as close as 15 feet to the audience!

In addition, we can mix flame effects, fog, mist and rain, glass breaks, confetti shots, kabuki drops, mechanical reveals, flying and rigging, as well as specialized props and scenery from full scale hammerhead sharks to almost anything you can imagine!!

Our pyrotechnic performances conform to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1126, Standard for the Use of Pyrotechnics before a Proximate Audience.

Let us put the "SPECIAL" in your next event.

Weddings, Graduations & Homecomings

WeddingsOrlando Special Effects provides unique fireworks displays or pyrotechnic performances for weddings, graduations and homecomings as well as other special events starting @ just $4,500 from land within 50 miles of Orlando.

These shows use specific pyrotechnics that are suited perfectly for these smaller venues. The guests can be as close as 200 feet away from the pyrotechnics, making it a very dramatic experience for everyone!

Fireworks displays last approximately 5 - 15 minutes depening on the budget. The effects range from 0 to 200+ feet in the air and include elegant effects such as gold flitters, silver glitters, multi color comets, willows, and brocades.

We also build custom ground set pieces for your event. Set pieces which are large frames with lances (small flares) of different colors and organized to create flaming letters and shapes, such as a heart with your initials or a school mascot. These burn for about 45 seconds in various colors.

All of our shows include qualified technicians, insurance, permitting, equipment, materials and delivery, plus any required fire watch.

We also offer confetti, rose petals, streamers, sparklers, decorative fire, tiki torches, flame effects, fog and mist effects and more!

Let us know how we can make your event spectacular and memorable!


"Thank you, so much, for providing such a spectacular fireworks display for our wedding. We were beyond impressed by the caliber of the display. We have great memories of our day and the fireworks are among the best moments." -- Natalie & Derek

"Thank you for making our wedding special with that amazing fireworks display. Our guests loved it and we thought it was better than any Fourth of July show we have ever seen. Thanks again!!" -- Tonya & James

Flame and Fire FX

Fire FXWe specialize in Flame and Fire Effects that utilize flammable gases like propane and natural gas. We design, build and install custom fire systems for all applications from backyards to international theme parks.

Our Fire Systems have been installed around the world in many different applications from custom-built Tiki Torches to large Volcano Eruptions. We can even temporarily turn your swimming pool into a decorative flame effect centered around your party or event. This is a truly unique accent to any occasion.

Whatever your needs are, we can design and build it! Safety is our #1 Priority in all aspects of special effects and particularly when fire is involved.

All fire systems conform to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 160, Standard for the Use of Flame Effects before an Audience.

Mechanical Special Effects

Mechanical Special EffectsOrlando Special Effects can deliver mechanical special effects from concept and design to fabrication and installation. We have many different mechanical effects installed all over the world including motorized saw blades, pneumatic jumping dog houses and hydraulic cracking egg.

Mechanical special effects are popular in theme parks, museums, trade shows, haunted houses, mini golf courses and military training facilities. They can be used to illustrate a scientific principle or add a dramatic effect to an otherwise mundane experience; especially when combined with lights, sounds and physical special effects such as fog or mist.

We can design and fabricate mechanical effects from miniatures for a table top display to gigantics for outdoor display.

Mechanical effects typically involve electrical, air and/or pneumatic power combined with systems to move devices or objects in a controlled manner. The devices or objects create an illusion of an event or series of events that fits whatever the theme or story line of the venue, such as a miniature golf course with a Paul Bunyon theme having logs being sawed or an historical train museum simulating the loading of coal into a hopper.

Whatever your ideas may be, we can make them a reality. Feel free to contact us with questions or ideas. We are always looking for new and exciting projects!

Fog, Mist and Rain Effects

Fog FXOrlando Special Effects can create all kinds of fog, mist and rain effects. We utilize a variety of mediums to produce these effects from simple water or glycol-based theatrical smoke machines, LN2 and CO2 cryogenic fog effects to water fogging and misting systems.

Cryogenics are any liquid colder than 100° below zero. Utilizing LN2 or CO2 creates a thick white puffy cloud-like fog. It can be delivered softly with calm flowing qualities or shot out of a cannon very rapidly creating large and intense columns. This effect is great for live shows, special events, sporting events, theatrical productions and weddings.

Water fogging or misting is generally used outdoors but does have some indoor applications. Misting systems utilize 100% water to produce a fog very similar to that of a spring or fall morning.

Water fog in an arid environment can actually lower the temperature up to 25° F in the immediate area and does offer some cooling wherever it is installed.

We have installed water fog systems all over the country in different applications including theme parks, water parks, shopping centers, botanical gardens, family entertainment centers, miniature golf courses, haunted houses, hay rides, backyards and swimming pools.

Confetti & Streamers

Confetti & StreamersOrlando Special Effects has all the equipment and supplies needed for confetti and streamers for your special event.

We stock a great selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, including both paper and Mylar. We provide complete services from small showers to confetti blizzards and in the colors themed for your event.

Our equipment can unload 25 pounds of confetti in less than 30 seconds or shoot confetti across a ballroom or arena!

Confetti and streamers are great for weddings, gender reveals, graduations, homecomings, sporting events and celebrations of all kinds!

Movie & TV Special Effects

Film Special EffectsOver the years, we have supported many movie and TV productions from low-budget independent movies, music videos and local commercials to national TV commercials and full length feature films.

We can safely provide pyrotechnics, flames, atmosphere effects, bullet hits, weapons simulations, small and large "explosions", rigging, coordination and 2nd unit direction.

Whatever your budget needs or circumstances are, we can help and make it look great!!

Battlefield Special Effects

 Battlefield Special EffectsWe have provided and continue to provide custom designed and engineered simulation and training for our Armed Forces around the country. This equipment has many applications for civilian and other uses in the ongoing training within an urban environment against terrorism and for homeland security. The training associated with our equipment is invaluable in the preparation of our soldiers for the urban battlefield and, ultimately, helps SAVE LIVES of American soldiers.

Among the equipment we offer is our Rooftop Explosion System that incorporates two of our Concussion Cannons that create a 140-decibel boom every second. There is also a Debris System that sends clouds of dust into the air while dropping some small harmless debris on the training soldiers. This effect ultimately ends in a huge 70' fireball.

We also offer a fully automatic weapon simulator. It has the capability of shooting @ 300 rounds per minute and sounds and looks like a 50 caliber Browning machine gun is actually firing. It is truly amazing and very inexpensive to operate, not to mention safe and very reliable.

Orlando Special Effects builds custom equipment, let us design some for you!

Themed Attractions

Themed AttractionsLet our design team create your next themed mechanical effect. From concept to design, our engineers design equipment for ease-of-use and maintenance. Standard Operating Procedure manuals and training for permanently installed equipment is included. We are a phone call or email away for service or help, our follow-up and accountability is second to none!!

Come see us at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPPA) Expo here in Orlando in November.

We are always interested in new ideas, projects challenges and opportunities, or simply contact us anytime.


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