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Fog FX


   OSE can create all kinds of different fog and smoke effects.  We utilize a variety of mediums to produce these effects from simple water or glycol-based theatrical smoke machines, LN2 and CO2 cryogenic fog effects to water fogging and misting systems.

   Cryogenics are any liquid colder than 100° below zero.  Utilizing LN2 or CO2  creates a thick white puffy cloud-like fog.  It can be delivered softly with calm flowing qualities or shot out of a cannon very rapidly creating large and intense columns.  This effect is great for live shows, special events, sporting events, theater productions and weddings.

   Water fogging or misting is generally used outdoors but does have some indoor applications.  Misting systems utilize 100% water to produce a fog very similar to that of a spring or fall morning.  Water fog in an arid environment can actually lower the temperature up to 25° in the immediate area and does offer some cooling wherever it is installed.  We have installed water-fogging systems all over the country in different applications including Theme Parks, Water Parks, Shopping Centers, Family Entertainment Centers, Miniature Golf, Haunted Houses, Hay Rides, Backyards and Swimming Pools.

   There are a lot of different ways to create smoke and fog.  The ones we have mentioned here are typically what is used most often, but not necessarily the only way to do it.


   To view our Fog FX Reel, visit the Media Page

CO2 Cannons ~ Tampa Bay Bucs
LN2 Fog Jets ~ Stargate Night Club MN.
Water Fog ~ "Runaway Raptor" Paramount Park, Ca.