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Battlefield Special Effects

   We have provided and continue to provide custom designed and engineered simulation and training for our Armed Forces around the country.  This equipment has many applications for civilian and other branch use in the ongoing training within an urban environment against terrorism and for homeland security.  The training associated with our equipment is invaluable in the preparation of our soldiers for the urban battlefield and, ultimately, helps SAVE LIVES of American soldiers.

   Among the equipment we offer is our Rooftop Explosion System that incorporates two of our Concussion Cannons that create a 140-decibel boom every second.  There is also a Debris System that sends clouds of dust into the air while dropping some small harmless debris on the training soldiers.  This effect ultimately ends in a huge 70' fireball.

We also offer a fully automatic weapon simulator. It has the capability of shooting @ 300 rounds per minute and sounds and looks like a 50 cal. weapon firing at you. It is truly amazing and very inexpensive to operate, not to mention very reliable.

Orlando Special Effects builds custom equipment, let us design some for you!

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Stricom Mout/RT IDIQ
Stricom Ominbus P2
Rooftop Explosion Simulator
Land Mine Simulator